Only at the end of the school year the Ministry of Education chose to send an information circular with existing legislation on enrollment of children of refugees in schools, whereby the Managers of schools are obliged to accept applications for registration made by the children guardians.

Had the circular been sent since January, at the time the government stated that the children of refugees will enroll in public schools, this would have been organized for the new school year and there wouldn’t be the phenomenon Managers of schools unlawfully refusing to accept applications for registration.

Only because education unions and anti-racist movement activists have for long been mobilized, registrations started in elementary and high schools.

The circular was sent only after the schools emptied even from managers due to summer vacation. One wonders what measures the Ministry of Education took for informing the refugees, other than their numerical recording? How are they going to be informed from the Ministry on the right and the process of registration? Has the Ministry printed information material in refugee languages? Have groups been set up for informing the refugees?

Of course, the Ministry of Education has not yet planned how to prepare the integration of children. Reception classes are needed for learning the language as well as teaching staff recruitment.

Also, children should not remain trapped inside the «accommodation camps» and of course the same applies for the other refugees. The general secretary of the Ministry of Education, G. Pantis, in an interview with Epohi newspaper had said that «it is not possible to attempt to educate and integrate children while keeping them in any way entrapped».

We demand their unhindered and free of charge transportation with public transport, health care and access to public hospitals, while housing in cities and their integration in the social fabric. Creating compensatory conditions in education for these children will contribute to the smooth co-existence with the rest and will soothe their youthful souls of the brutality of war and persecution which marked them.

The teachers, being part of the great movement of solidarity to refugees that unfolded particularly in the last year, are struggling so that refugees and their children be welcome, to open the border and the cities while resisting prescriptions of memoranda by the government and the EU, which dissolve Public Education.

With our struggles we shall achieve these! We invite teachers and solidarity people and organizations to support the refugee information action for two months in July and August that will ensure that all children will be enrolled in the first days of September.

openKEERFA supports the Initiative ATHENS OPEN CITY OF SOLIDARITY FOR REFUGEES AND participates in the next MEETING THURSDAY JULY 7, 7pm AT THE 5TH HIGH SCHOOL of Athens, corner of Arachovis & Asklipiou str.


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