Call for International Meeting against racism and fascism, Athens, 15 to 16 October 2016

KEERFA-15-16-OCT-2016-poster-colorCall for International Meeting against racism and fascism, Athens, 15 to 16 October 2016

No to Fortress Europe, open borders, open cities

No to Islamophobia, refugees welcome

Block the way to the fascist threat

The murder of the Labour Party MP Jo Cox by a neo-Nazi brought to the fore the threat of fascism against our democratic freedoms all across Europe. This atrocity was born out of the hate campaign against migrants that escalated sharply before the referendum in Britain.

But since a year, millions of people across Europe with their actions shook the foundations of the racist policy of Fortress Europe, of closed borders, of fences, of concentration camps.

European governments responded to the massive wave of solidarity to refugees, which unfolded everywhere demanding open borders, with the implementation of racist EU-Turkey agreement. The consequences are the drowning of thousands of refugees trying to cross to Europe from North Africa across the most dangerous waters of the Mediterranean.

The European governments are playing the racism and Islamophobia card to distract from the austerity policies and military interventions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. They violate the right to asylum for refugees, trampling the Geneva Convention. They militarize the guarding of borders by sending NATO in the Aegean along with FRONTEX.

These policies give impetus to neo-Nazi, xenophobic and far-right parties, from the Golden Dawn in Greece to the National Front of Le Pen in France, UKIP in Britain, the Alternative for Germany, the extreme right in Austria. There is an urgent need for coordinated European-wide struggle against the attempt of fascist forces to determine developments in Europe, to sow fear and gain from the disappointment and the collapse of traditional parties. We need to block to them the way, united and decisively.

The international mobilizations on March 21 have gained momentum. This year, the mobilization against fences from Evros to Calais on January 23 to 24 had a great impact. The uprising against the fascists spread over several countries.

Hope and solidarity will defeat despair and hatred!

We urge working people, trade unions, movements of solidarity with refugees, migrants and Roma communities, LGTBQ movements in an international meeting against racism and fascism in Athens on 15 and 16 October 2016.



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