Strike for 1st of may Demonstration, Sunday 8 MAY, Omonoia square 10.30 morning


Strike for 1st of may
Demonstration, Sunday 8 MAY,
Omonoia square 10.30 morning
Workers-refugees united against
racism, poverty, war!
The workers unions ahead in solidarity with the refugees!
Open the cities for refugees!
Close the concentration camps! No to expulsions!
Abolish the racist EU-Turkey agreement. Open the borders!
Asylum, shelter, work, education, health for all!
Massive recruitment in schools, municipalities, hospitals!
Open buildings for refugees now!
The workers are rising with a 48-hour general strike in order to block the passage of the insurance slaughterhouse along with unbearable taxation measures and the refugees at Mytilini are rebelling against them being locked up in Guantanamos, inside new Amygdalezas after the EU-Turkey agreement.
Everyone of us that were on the side of refugees, the fight for open borders, to take down the fence at Evros, in solidarity not to let starve any refugee child, all we will take part actively in the General Strike!
We urge refugees to come together with us, to flood the streets hand in hand with the unions! The struggle against the racist exclusion of refugees from the cities, schools, hospitals is the other side of the struggle not to let the social services for all, locals and refugees, be butchered by the new memorandum!
We demand housing for every homeless, refugee and local by opening up the hotels which the bosses closed down and left the workers unpaid.
We demand massive recruitment in schools to enroll all children of refugees and to not close any school. We demand recruitments in hospitals to open those closed with memorandums. We want recruits in municipalities so that the care for refugees and the poor will be in the hands of workers with permanent jobs and not NGOs. We want jobs for all by opening the closed factories.
Money will be found by cancelling the debt and stopping waste for the racist chase of refugees, for concentration camps and armaments.
We clash with the EU of memoranda, of wars, of fences and closed borders, all that, which with racism and Islamophobia, open the way to the fascists.
WORKERS UNITED will Never be Defeated!


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